Declarations and Ch-Ch-Changes (said like Bowie)

27 09 2009

Well Hello, Hello, Hello. And how are we doing this wonderful sunday? Things have been changing on the man front recently and i thought i would do a quick post-ski about wha they are and the meaning behind them. Yes, there is a method to the madness.

First off, there is the title of the Blog. Not to say it wasn’t brilliant to begin with but i felt that it was something that would push people away when the purpose was intended to support others. Hopefully the new one will allow people to feel a bit more alleviated with regard to chatting it up and sharing hard times. Which brings me to why i started the blog in the first place.

-I started this because, while i was struggling with getting better/stronger/more awesome (struggling, being the key word) i would spend hours entering words into google searching for a male support group for Eating Disorders. I dont know if it was just the central Texas area… but there was nothing to be found. I did have a couple close friends who had been through the same stuff and were ‘recovered’, but they were women. Now, while i am not sexist… nor a fan thereof, I do know that coming back from the pit is apples and oranges when it comes to men and women. I decided i could either A) keep complaining about it or B) get a wordpress account and be my own hero. Granted, im not there yet and I do not claim to be. However, my journey through the pit will hopefully inspire others to know that recovery is possible when you have the Lord behind you. And let me tell you something… the only time He is no there is when you choose not to look.

-Lastly, I like to think of myself as a rubix cube. There are many sides of me and a lot of variety… and i’m always different depending on the angle your looking from. What does this mean? Well, im a barrel full of: dreams, goals, skills, emotions, anecdotes, opinions and idiosyncracies that I look forward to sharing with each anf every one of you. That being said… remember that it is not so much as who the man is, but rather who the man becomes. Another way would be to say “It’s not where you start, its where you finish.”

That being said, join me on day one of a makeover and a new motivation. Also, i pledge to incorporate a few photos and a heck of a lot more diversity. Until then, ill leave you with this;

I can do everything through him who gives me strength. ” (Phillipians 4:13)




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