Mommys alright, Daddys alright…

13 10 2009

Even though they just seem a little weird. Yes folks, today I am going to take a lesson from Cheap Trick and surrender.

As many of you know, i have been talking about what the messages have been in past church services. This is how uh-maize-ang God is, since i can find something to plug into my weekly motivation everytime i walk into the building. This week we were talking about Joseph (dreamcoat, not of aramathia) and how he interpreted the dreams of the two men he met in prison and how they were both instrumental in his getting out of jail and the significance of why it took awhile. Both lessons inspired the way im taking on the world right now and i could not help but to share. Inspire my sharing inspiration and all that.

Instrumental Inmates: Picture two random people getting thrown into prison with you. You didnt do anything wrong and know yourself to be innocent. Furthermore, you know that others know you to be innocent yet alone you sit in a cell. Then, a butler and a baker come into the jail you call home and will not shut up about how bad THEY have it. Then they wake up crying about a nightmare they each had and ask you to tell them what it meant. This is what Joseph went through.

Two weeks ago i would have told the men to shut up and leave me alone. “I’m trying to think of a way to get out of here!”, I would say and continue to sink more into a vat of depression juice since there was no certainty in sight as to when I would be getting out of this prison. Luckily, Joseph is not me and he looked at the mens situation with sympathy and optimism. With this attitude he interpreted their dreams and told them what their futures would entail. Talk about a favor! THEN… the two men get out of jail for they kings birthday. Of COURSE they are going to mention the helpful fellow in the jail cell who gave them such marvelous advice and pass that on to the king, right? FAIL!

Neither men told the king what happened at the celebration. But i will bet Joseph was jumping around the cell getting all shaved and ready to take on the world in a few days. Why was this inspirational to me? It inspired me not to let the literal Disorder-Prison influence my attitudes in a way that will put people off to me. I asked myself how I would feel if, when i just started recovering, i met a man who was doing everything to get healthier and get on with his life… but rather than being happy and motivated to press on he was a ‘can’t-hack-it, panty-waste, who wears his momma’s bra’ (<– name the film!). Recovering should be something we aspire to do and something that we all take in stride and even, dare I say, enjoy. ENJOY!?!! Heck yeah! I enjoy LOVE that i am getting stronger and healthier every single day. And while i am unsure if there is anyone out there keeping some track of my random musings, I would sooner kick myself in the face with a golf shoe before I allowed myself to make them think that recovery is not worth it in any and every way. Rahter than whining about a bad situation, Joseph looked at the men as two people he could help, and allowed God to work through his actions. Keeping that mindset allowed him to meet the situation head-first with a smile ten feet wide.

Smiling = Surrendering: Coming back from a disorder is difficult, this is true. However, when people hear the world ‘difficult’ they associate that with needing to attack something. Having a battle plan to attack the disorder head on with a guitar it their hands and ROCK in their hearts (<– name the movie!). Now, while a meal plan is vital, along with a team of experts to monitor health/mental status’ … there is also the notion of surrender. I, in no way, mean give up to the disorder… i mean give up to God. Allow Him to take over your life and know that though you may be going through a trial at the moment, He put it in your path for a reason and would never give you anything you a)cannot handle and b) would not make you a better person in the longrun.

While he was in jail Joseph was going through one doozie of a trial. He was an innocent man in jail who was still finding the inner strength to help those around him. Then… he has an ‘in’ with the king (<– has the power to get him out of there!) and still finds himself waiting and waiting.. and waiting…. and wai-*zzzzZZZZZZ. Sorry i dozed off. However, in spite of all the waiting for something to happen, not to mention the hectic atmosphere of being IN JAIL, he would still look to God and say (paraphrase) God, you know better than me… so You meant for this to happen this way, which makes it the best, right Your way. With this in mind Joseph had no problem with this waiting for the good times to come his way…

LO AND BEHOLD – Joseph gets out of jail (albeit longer than he may have liked) and becomes second in command to the king after interpreting his dreams! How awesome is this?!?! Through trusting in God and not getting in his own way he goes from being

  • his fathers favorite
  • sold into slavery
  • advisor to Potipher
  • thrown in jail

People… there is a reason why Joseph has a movie based on him life.

The point? Surrender your days to God and trust in His plan. Personally, i can totally tell a difference when I take a little time in the morning and ask God to take my life in His hands and prepare my heart to be willing to accept His plan for my life. Everytime i geting the inkling to think about ‘how many cals are in this’ or ‘ whether or not i NEED to keep eating more than i think I need’ I just remind myself that the day is God’s, and a hard day once in a while is in His plan for me. I think im gonna trust that He knows whats up.

Until next time: Stay strong, be safe, know that God is always there… along with agagle of people that love you bunches and bunches. Maybe tell them ‘thank you’ for someting random today. Im gonna thank mom for paying for my bananas this morning.




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