Holy Monday, Batman!

28 09 2009

Why the apparent Batman reference? Cause its Monday and noting says monday like HEROES!!! Im so glad they stopped time traveling all over the place. Im not gonna lie… it was getting a little hard to follow at some points, thank goodness for Hulu!

Today i was walking out of the house on my way to work (My day starts at 4) took all my vitamins and headed out the door. Then i grabbed the typical Clif Bar breakfast and was going for an apple as a snack… then I remembered a movie preview i saw the other day for ‘Whip It’. Have you heard of it? Well, its got Ellen Paige (Juno) Drew Barrymore and Juliette Lewis (Dusk till Dawn) and tons of other beauties playing the roles of roller-derby girls. HOTTTTT! Then, to add to the adoration, the tagline was: “Put on some skates and be your own hero”. See, Ellen Paige is looking to find her place in the world and is inspired by the roller girls. She pulls one aside and says that they just became her hero. Then comes the tag and the “O-Shoot” moment. This is what i thought of when i put down the apple and picked up another Clif before going to work to eat in the car. Why? Because it was time to be my own hero or the day. To not start breakfast with some small peice of fruit because it’s “safe” and to have something thats tasty and healthy at the same time. Cals be Damned! I continued the trend of self-heroism by not counting dinner cals and just cooking. Just going in the kitchen and seeing what was going on and what looked good. This spelled pulled port sandwich with a sweet potato and broccoli. I apologize for not taking a pic but take my word that it was awesome beyond awesome! I am becomming a fan of not using ‘reduced cal’ BBQ sauces like whoa, and you know how Vegans put avocado on everything? There is a reason — it.is.delicious! Cream Cheese and mayo can bite my crank, avo is the way to go!

On the ‘trigger’ front… her name is mom. Yesterday it would seem the comment of the evening was: “Get an ass”. good times. I especially loved how it was said in response to ”I need to get some sleep” (like i said, work starts at 4). I dont know if she is TRYING to motivate me to restrict my food and go back to being in the hospital again… and believe me, i thought about it. But not this time, cause its different now. Before i would text everyone in the phone book asking them to come out and chill and just end up going for a hot tea alone until four in the morning because i dont deserve something as nice as sleep. This time i asked the question: “Really? Is that your voice? Do you want that? Or do you want to read a few chapters in John and get some sleep so you can have energy tomorrow?” It feel awesome to be in a blanket cocoon p.s.. Thank goodness i went to bed too, cause there was a new girl in the office this morning and i needed to dole out the charm like my last name was Gray and i had a really ugly portrait in the attic (Picture of Dorian Gray? PICK UP A BOOK!).

So, i guess thats about it. There was some moderate/embarassing gym escapades as well… but we can save those for another post entitied: ‘Yes, that is the Spice Girls on my Ipod.’ But before i leave you im going to take a cue from my girl Katie and list three things I am thankful about today.

  1. The rain made it really peaceful when i was watching Scrubs and relaxing earlier.
  2. I baked some awesome muffins and have found a new use for baby food.
  3. The Maple Nut Clif Bar tastes like a pancakes…. with pecan pralines in it.

OH MAN… im gonna jot this part quick. So im watching Heroes and there is a new character today. Im not sure what her power is as of yet but she is a Deaf woman who apparently sees sounds as colors (as opposed to hearing them). Now, im not sure how this is a power… but they just played a wonderous scene of her picking up a cello and going to town. Not only were the colors emanating from the cello awesome but the music was just as beautiful. To see something like that on two fronts got me thinking of another movie quote: “Sometimes there is so much beauty in the world, i feel like i cant take it.”(American Beauty). This normally wouldn’t efect me in the least, im a MAN after all. The kind that invented the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn! However, being a musician i can relate to this scene and appreciate the beauty they were working to produce on the ABC channel. I do believe that God placed me on this earth to share this gift with the world and the fact that I ruined a whole lot of what was shaping to be a wonderful reputation and skill with the insatiable desire to be thin makes me sad all day. No more… im taking a cue from ABC and am going to be my own hero. Clif-man…. or something like that

Okay… im really gonna go this time. Stay strong men and know that through Him… all things are possible. Amen.




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