The Man

Typical story of the childood obesity epidemic in the United States. Money was tight when i was growing up so the golden arches were a saving grace. Couple the fast food diet (eaten mindlessly in front of the T.V. no less) with little to no activity and you have the recipe for the weight gain… Bon Apetit!

So, grew up and grew out until about the sophomore year of college… then it time for a change! Started cutting out fast food, sodas, candies and things that generally sound unhealthy (Fuddruckers… dont ask me why). And i started adding in more wholesome foods. Fruits, salads, vegetables and daily exercise were my new Big Macs….. and Big Macs is good. It worked too… in a little under a year I dieted down from 330 to 210 in a healhy and sustainable way. Color me proud!

However, the problem arose of not knowing what to do next. Where do i go from here? I wasn’t really sure as i didn’t set any real goals when i started losing weight. The ironic thing was the more i thought about what to do next the easier i would put on a little weight. To be honest, it was the times when i would focus on something else and stop caring so much (maybe having a dessert every once in a while, or ordering a burger at a restaurant when the situation called for it) that weight management was A LOT easier <– hint hint.

Then, the inevitable happened…. women came into play. Little did i realize that not all members of the opposite sex were as loving and honest as the one that married dear old dad. So… after a couple messed up relationships i decided that the best way to get the women back was to get skinnier. I mean, it only seemed logical since it was easier to get dates after i lost the bulk of my weight. Now… looking back i realize that the types of women i was going after were not the kinds that are real ‘keepers’, if you catch my drift. Looking back, my biggest problem was i stopped focussing on God and the things that were REAL important and was rather defining myself my insipid relationships and other earthy attributes that really dont matter. (Note: you cant take it with you.. just ask King Tut)

So now, after being at a low weight for over a year and meandering around recovery for a while now, im finding more affirmation in the spirit than ever before and am ready to take on the trials of recovery while keeping my eyes on God and drawing strengh from Him and His word. It is possible to recover, you just need a good support system – who better than God right?


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